How WeWork can Work on Litter | Rubbish
March 30, 2020 Rubbish

WeWork offers entrepreneurs and remote workers a supportive space to co-mingle and co-work, but how do the streets look outside of the office? When Rubbish had the opportunity to lead a Lunch and Learn event at WeWork 205 Hudson in New York City, we decided to find out!

We took to the streets for a rubbish run around the perimeter of the WeWork office, using the Rubbish app and Rubbish beam to tag, map, and clean up litter. The goal was to both clean up the street but also to create a map and understand the condition of the streets. Hundreds of entrepreneurs walk there every day – and we were curious about their impact! Our maps serve to gain insights into the litter and offer the WeWork team steps for improvement.

We were surprised to find more than double the amount of litter per minute than we find in San Francisco. One culprit, in particular, stood out… 

The most cigarette we found behind the building, mostly tossed on the historic cobblestone streets – which make it very difficult to get them out! 

By looking into things like regular street cleanings, cigarette disposal options, and ways to better connect with neighbors, WeWork 205 Hudson can step up as a leader in the community. They can help shape their customers’ commutes by making the surrounding streets more beautiful, and take pride in their neighborhood and impact. Together, with the help of local businesses like WeWork, litter is something we can all “WeWork” on! 😉

Download the infographic here!