Rubbish x NoTraceTrails: A 2,650-Mile Hike & The World's Largest Litter and Microplastic Survey

No Trace Trails Presentation at Shack15 at Shack15

We're excited to announce our collaboration with NoTraceTrails, led by the amazing Victoria McGruer, Macy Gustavus, and supported by the fantastic Win Cowger and the Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research. This partnership brings together our shared passion for tackling litter and plastic pollution, joining forces to create a meaningful impact.

The dedicated scientists of NoTraceTrails will set off on an incredible 2,650-mile journey along the Pacific Coast Trail, carrying out a groundbreaking litter and microplastics survey. Our Rubbish app, with its offline mode, will be crucial in collecting and analyzing geolocated trash data even when there's no signal during their expedition. The valuable data gathered will help companies, policymakers, and land managers implement effective measures to protect our precious environment.

As a company passionate about using data to create cleaner, more sustainable communities, Rubbish is thrilled to be in a position to help NoTraceTrails on this important mission. With our experience in large-scale debris and waste surveys, our the Rubbish App's ability to easily collaborate with other users, we're confident that we'll be able to make a real difference in the success and reach of this project.

Through our partnership, we'll also empower hikers and citizen scientists to join in on the litter survey along the trail or on nearby routes, using the Team feature in the Rubbish app. This inclusive approach promotes broader community engagement in the battle against litter and plastic pollution.

There's something powerful about seeing everyone contribute to this study in real-time through the app. Our collaboration with NoTraceTrails highlights our united commitment to creating cleaner, more sustainable environments. We can't wait to host a follow-up event with the NoTraceTrails team, where they'll share their experiences and findings from the epic Pacific Crest Trail expedition.

If you want to join the hike, head over to NoTraceTrails for more information. Let's work together to create a cleaner, greener future!

Written by
Emin Israfil