Rubbish Cleanups During Quarantine


Everyone has been home for months — working, cooking, reading [insert other things we’ve done at home here.] We’ve found that being outside is more important than ever, to remember the sunshine and get some extra steps.

In fact, neighborhoods are coming together more than ever before. Over the past month, we’ve had several socially distant litter cleanups and it has been refreshing to see other humans, meet our neighbors, and give the streets some extra cleaning.

Photo of people holding bags of trash, and the smart trash picker uppers

For a great socially distant cleanup, we recommend:

  • Ask everyone to bring their own bags and gloves.
  • Use litter grabbers to even further avoid touching litter (our favorite is the 32" litter picker-upper from Amazon — until we make a custom one pink one!)
  • Start a poll on Facebook or Nextdoor to see what days work best for people to join.
  • Outline a cleanup area beforehand so that everyone is clear on where to meet and clean.
  • Make it fun! We like to race to fill up a bag!
  • Take some group photos and share them to encourage others.

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Written by
Elena Guberman