Rubbish Launches Contactless Reporting Platform in SoMa West


53 Big Belly trash cans were installed in SoMa West this week, almost doubling the number of trash cans in the neighborhood! That’s roughly a trash can on every single corner 💯

As a part of this installation, each trash can will have a Rubbish QR code on it — a contactless reporting platform for street issues.

QR Codes in SoMa West!

Rubbish has partnered with the SoMa West Community Benefit District to keep the community clean and drive traffic to businesses and artists who have suffered due to COVID-19!

Using the phone's camera to scan the QR code on a BigBelly trash receptacle
An issue being submitted through a Rubbish QR code in SoMa West

Everyone can now submit issues directly to the SoMa West CBD through the QR code on each trash can — touchless and no app needed! If you want to receive updates on the resolution, there’s a spot to leave your phone # for text message notifications 😍

We believe everyone deserves to love where they live, and want to make it easy to be an engaged member of the community. Last year, we worked with SoMa West to identify over 27,000 issues in the neighborhood. Our launch of QR codes expands our partnership to continue understanding the state of the streets and implement proactive, impactful, and lasting solutions for this deserving neighborhood.

If you see graffiti, litter, or if there’s a problem with the trash can itself (like a broken handle), let the Clean Team know!

The "Report an Issue" landing page and page to provide additional information about the issue
Issue submission screens once a Rubbish QR code is scanned.

Discover local artists and restaurants!

The Big Belly wraps are designed by local artists, and our QR code provides additional background and information on their work. We wanted to spotlight the incredibly creative and diverse spirit of the neighborhood. In fact, most Big Bellies do not have the artists' artwork on the front panel of the trash can — that’s a panel only visible through the QR code!

Landing page with additional information about local artists
Discover local artists through a Rubbish QR code.

On Big Bellies that don’t have artwork, the QR code will have a spotlight on a local restaurant or cafe within walking distance! Scan one and grab a bite to eat at a new spot nearby!

Big Belly artwork - up close!

All the artwork looks incredible and reflects the cultural diversity of the area. Here are some Big Bellies in the wild:

BigBelly trash receptacle with artwork by Harry Nordlinger, titled "Tales from the Trash" on the side panel
Artwork by Harry Nordlinger

BigBelly trash receptacle with artwork by Johnny Botts on the side panel
Artwork by Johnny Botts
BigBelly trash receptacle with artwork by Rae Miller on the side panel
Art by Rae Miller (

Take a walk around SoMa (now that the air quality is back to healthy levels!) and find your favorite!

Thank you!

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Written by
Elena Guberman