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The rubbish Polk Street Pilot is live

Rubbish is cleaning litter and creating healthy and sustainable communities. Our Polk Street Pilot program empowers businesses and residents to sponsor ongoing cleanups of the neighborhood.


Become a business sponsor!
Engage the community. Attract new customers.

What you get

  • Street cleaned 3x per week
  • Detailed weekly reports
  • Shoutouts to the community about your sponsorship
  • Cancel anytime

Why it makes sense

  • Businesses see a 7% increase in revenue
  • Clean streets protect the investment you made into the community
  • Polk St residents say are a lot more likely to support businesses that support the neighborhood
  • Check out our full presentation

$1 to start

cancel anytime 


Meet your resident rubbishers.

They are locals, verified, friendly, and here to create a better community.



Elena cleans for her four year chubby corgi, Larsen.

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Emin cleans to inspire other people to love where they live.

If you see them in the neighborhood,
say hello!


Where are we cleaning?

Polk Street, SF

We’ve launched sponsored cleanups on Polk Street between Filbert and Broadway, San Francisco. As we get more sponsors, we will expand to more streets in the neighborhood. 

Polk Street pilot map

What you get!

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San Fran Revenue increases 7% with street cleaning

In San Francisco, businesses see revenue increase over 7% after implementing local street cleaning.



Become a sponsor

We’ll work hard to create a happy and healthy community for everyone.



Detailed weekly stats provide transparency on cleaning. You will know what was cleaned, when, and by whom.


As more sponsors join, we will increase the frequency of street cleaning and expand to more streets.


We screen our sponsored cleaners and ensure they are compensated fairly for their contributions to the community.

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