Rubbish x NoTraceTrails: A 2,650-Mile Hike & The World's Largest Litter and Microplastic Survey

Rubbish and NoTraceTrails have partnered up to conduct a groundbreaking litter and microplastics survey along the Pacific Crest Trail. The Rubbish app will be used to collect and analyze geolocated trash data to help companies, policymakers, and land managers implement effective measures to protect the environment, while empowering hikers and citizen scientists to join in on the litter survey using the Team feature in the app.

Tips to Hosting a Litter-Free Event

After helping Startup Grind host the world's first Zero Litter conference, we created a tip sheet to help all your events be litter-free.‍

How Do You Measure a Neighborhood’s Progress?

A field report from the River District in Sacramento, California’s capital city.

Where is the litter in SoMa West, San Francisco?

Alex found Rubbish from our Earth Day Reddit AMA, and loved our iOS App and how we use data to track and clean litter. As someone who loves doing fun things with data and loves to help make a cleaner world, he created a data analytics dashboard to help others!

Rubbish Litter Ocean Research Project

During quarantine, Pocket was looking for something productive to do. Using the app, his goal was to categorize the type and amount of litter going into two San Diego river mouths for 7 weeks.

Talking Trash: A Reddit AMA with Rubbish

On Earth Day, the Rubbish team did a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. Emin, Felipe, Adam, and I (the team!) were excited to share our experience and talk trash.

The Largest Community-Led Audit Just Happened in SoMa, San Francisco

Residents have long been ready for a change to a healthier, cleaner, safer and more vibrant neighborhood. When residents and community members made their priorities heard, the SoMa West CBD took action.