meet rubbish

looking at litter differently

Started by two friends, rubbish uses technology to understand litter trends.

The rubbish iOS app maps litter, and then rubbish can evaluate each block’s footprint to identify better solutions for cleaner communities.

Do you know how much litter is on your block?

Download rubbish and test your guess!

A person on a bike holding a pink cellphone

How rubbish works

We created the rubbish app to map and track litter. Then, we created the rubbish beam, to make mapping while cleaning even easier.

Picture showing a connection between the smart litter picker upper and a cellphone


Place your phone onto the rubbish beam, and connect it via Bluetooth. Download the rubbish app and log in to get started.

A person picks up litter to put into a trash receptacle, a heart labeled "+1" floats above this action


Each time a piece of litter is picked up, a picture is automatically taken in the rubbish app. You categorize the litter, submit and keep cleaning!

Two people high-fiving, one holding a smart litter picker upper, the other holding a cellphone with the Rubbish app


The data from cleanups is analyzed to help create smarter cleanup strategies, and highlights areas that need the most attention.

Jay Blam
A Smarter App for us all
Finally, an app on my phone that I feel good about using! A practice in mindfulness, this app’s been a vehicle for seeing, touching, experiencing, appreciating and re-acquainting myself with all the little things I used to just walk by everyday.
Rubbish Makes Picking Up Trash Fun!
I love how user friendly this app is. Plus the icons are super cute. 😍 All I want to do is run around town picking up and geo tagging trash. It’s such a great way to catch up with friends or meet someone new. Rubbish makes you feel good by doing good.
I see people using this in my neighborhood
I saw someone using this app outside starbucks and we struck up a conversation about how we both hate litter.
I wish I could connect with people through the app. I think it’s a great idea and a lot of fun.

the rubbish beam

A cartoon figure of the Rubbish Beam, a patented smart picker upper

The perfect partner for the app, the rubbish beam makes mapping and tracking litter even easier.

The rubbish app and beam work together to make picking up litter fun!

  • rotating and rubberized jaw
  • contoured handle and trigger
  • 32" patented design for added reach
get a beam
A set of 3 stacked cellphones, each showing a picture of the Rubbish app.
The Rubbish logo

The App

Litter reward signup
Categorize litter with your voice
Connect with friends
Real-time litter data collection
Awesome badges
Personal stats
download the app
Button to download the App on the Apple App Store


Map your block, quantify a cleanup and share your impact.

Button to download the App on the Apple App Store

Conferences and Events

Host a litter free and sustainable event.

  • reduce waste
  • crowdsource issues
  • understand the litter footprint


Stand out as a positive member of the community.

  • user volunteer time off
  • increase employee retention
  • share your impact

Cities & Municipalities

Solve quality of life issues faster.

  • street health audits
  • grant validation & support
  • improve resource allocation

Our Partners

We partner with residents, local organizations, corporations, and cities to manage community concerns from all sides.

neighborhood cleanups

We launched a pilot cleanup program on San Francisco’s Polk Street!

Three times a week, we clean Polk Street between Filbert Street and Broadway.

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